We finally took care of a serious problem. Introducing #noshittyphotos.
Almost got caught vandalizing with Utsavi Jhaveri

Pros of doing this:
- Got us to stop being lazy and go explore the city bylines.
- Gave us some guts to walk through alleys and bylanes during the odd hours of the night.
- Got a lot of press from websites from different parts of the world, with articles written in different languages.
- Got asked by a popular smartphone company in UK to do this project for them and they would cover all our expenses.
- Got asked by some app developers to work with them and get this idea made into something digital.
- Gave an interview for a tv show who wanted to feature our project on their show.
- Made some connections with people who emailed me just to say they liked our books and our project.
- Many tourists on instagram and FB thanked us for helping them out.
- Got way too many love tweets from people all over the world.
- Hit 44k views, currently, on Vimeo.

Cons of doing this:
- Got a lot of hate on Agency Spy
- Accused of 'vandalism'
- Got labels such as 'hipsters' and 'ad school snobs' slapped upon us.
- Got a lot of suspicious looks by passersby who saw us walking around with a big box at odd hours of the night.
- Walked for miles but never lost weight.

noshittyphotos from Mimi Chan on Vimeo.